Day 24: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

1. 추억은 아름다운 기억 – Younha

2. 사랑 만들기 – 4minute

3. Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine) – Gym Class Heroes

4. Bass Down Low (feat. Cataracs) – Dev

5. For the First Time – The Script

6. 이별후애 (feat. 주보라) – 1sAgain

7. No.3 (feat. Sol Flower) – 배치기

8. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis

9. Hello – Red Roc

10. Stop and Stare – OneRepublic


Day 23: Last Night’s Dream

This topic is brought to you by friend, Sarah Chang.

So usually when I’m stressed, I have the weirdest dreams. I’ve been overwhelmed by a lot of things lately, so naturally I started getting my crazy dreams again…

I was in some strange sort of lava world where everything I touched would burn me. For some reason, my life was determined by the battery life of my laptop. Unfortunately, my laptop’s dysfunctional battery life remained just as dysfunctional in my dream as well, so while I was trying to avoid being touched by the lava-zombies, I was busy trying to find an electrical outlet so that I could plug in my life source. Unfortunately, a lava zombie happened to touch me on my face and at that moment my battery died.

When I woke up, I found that it was just my acne acting up again. Now there’s a nightmare I can’t wake up from =[

Day 22: What’s in your wallet?

1. Pictures of My Friends – Prom pictures, senior pictures, etc. I’ve accumulated quite a few over the years. They’re fun to look at and give a sense of nostalgia… But they make my wallet too fat, so I unfortunately had to remove them recently. Sorry friends =[

2. Driver’s License – License pictures are always awkward cause the discontent DMV worker never tells you to smile. If you ever look at my license, you’ll know what I mean.

3. Emory Card – My other form of identification and primary source of food-getting. According to one of my friends, apparently on my ID picture I look like a douchebag kid that he wants to punch in the face =O.

4. Debit Card – Not sure why I carry this around cause my balance is at zero.

5. Insurance Card – In case I die in a tragic accident, someone might be able to call my insurance agent so my dead body can sue them.

6. CPR Certification – My card is expired, but in case someday someone in my vicinity chokes on something, I can say, “I was certified to save your life…two years ago.”

7. That Cashmoney – Psych! I’m a poor college student and currently unemployed =[

Day 21: Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why?

One of my most memorable days back in Washington during winter break. We took a trip to Seattle and had an adventurous day full of great Thai food, festive lights, and lots of shopping. Of course we had to get the awesome animal hats when we went to a hat shop in Pike’s Place Market. The best group of cat, polar bear, and sea lion ever. Good times with good company.

Day 20: Nicknames

So I’ve actually had a lot of nicknames in the past and am currently going through a couple as well. I probably can’t remember all that were christened upon me, but the ones that I do have some interesting history and origins.

Nickname #1: Jay
Probably my most frequently used one. Contrary to common knowledge in Atlanta, my real name happens to be Jason. I started going by this when I started school in Emory, and other than maybe my family, everyone in Atlanta calls me by this. It was very weird going back to Washington and being called Jason again. Interestingly enough, this name seems to have also been frequently adapted to verb forms that commonly mean to be lazy or homoerotic.

Nickname #2: Grandpa/Ahjushee
Before the age of 20, I already seem to experience arthritis and back pains. I also have quite a collection of white hairs on my head.

Nickname #3: J.Coli
A rather new nickname. Some of my friends believe that I have strange sort of infection on the 2014 boys. I call it bromance; they call it something else haha.

Nickname #4: Manatee
I really don’t remember exactly why this came to be, but there is a picture to prove it. I think it had to do with some high school in Florida.

Nickname #5: Apple Juice Buddy
This comes from my love of…apple juice.

Nickname #6: Pokedex
What can I say? I’m a Pokemon nerd…

Nickname #7: Bear
I look like a bear sometimes. I eat like a bear sometimes. But this name comes from how I act when I am woken from slumber.

Nickname #8: Squirrel Boy
This comes from an interesting time in my life when I believed I could talk to squirrels… Yea, enough said.

I’m sure there are a lot more, but these are the ones that come to mind right now haha.

Day 19: Something you miss

Childhood Innocence.

Once lost, it’s something that we will never be able to retrieve again.
It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when we were naive to the world in general.
There was a time when we were in the dark about a lot of things, but at the same time, we didn’t know any better.
Everyday, we were able to go carefree with the most stimulating activities being wondering what the next meal would be or when a favorite cartoon show would  come on TV or whether or not the omnipotent boundaries of “bed time” could be lengthened.
Our minds were free from the taint the knowledge of the world brought us.
No cynicism. No bitterness. No limitations.
There was such a time when we didn’t understand the harsh realities of life. Nor were we expected to understand these things.
Now, we need not only face the problems head-on, but also figure out the solutions ourselves.

The only premise we are offered is that the greater joy can only be achieved through greater understanding and, therefore, greater appreciation.

R.I.P. Grandpa

520장 – 오늘 이 세상 떠난

The Funeral

Helps confirm the reality and finality of death.

Provides a climate for mourning and expressions of grief.

Is a way for the community to pay its respects.

Allows the sorrows of one to be the sorrows of many.

Is one of the few times love is given and not expected in return.

Encourages the affirmation of a religious faith.

Is a celebration of a life that has been lived,

As well as an acknowledgement that a death has occurred.

Rest in Peace, Grandfather


1924 – 2011