My Roots Are Within The Evergreens.
I’m definitely a Pacific Northwesterner at heart. Sometimes, I miss having those misty, overcast day with occasional showers. I’d be perfectly content with sitting in a starbucks and sipping on a grande, sugar-free vanilla caramel macchiato while reading a good book. I guess being born and raised in Washington state does that to you. No, as opposed to popular opinion, it does not necessarily rain all the dang time there — most people ask me this question, after they realize I come from the state, not that one random city on the east coast :p

Rainy Days. Rainy Days.
I feel like we’re all just rain drops in this downpour we call life. Some fall faster than others. Some fly slower than others. All different sizes, all different shapes. Some end up on tree leaves or on city sidewalks or on empty glass window planes. With a similar start, high up in the clouds, we all wind up in different places at the end. What does your rain drop hold? But most importantly, where is it headed?

I’m On The Journey Of Life, Going One Step At A Time.
More often than not, a bridge is a marvel on its own. It’s ultimate importance lies in the two places it connects. One may pass by and briefly acknowledge the bridge’s utility, but once trodden the bridge is rarely looked back upon. I’m a strong believer of the fact that everything that happened to me was essential to shaping who I am today. I’ve been at the lowest of lows…Now I’m ready to enjoy the highest points of my life! Yay for optimism. Let’s not forget the places we’ve been nor the travels in between.

In An Ideal World There Would Be No Secrets, No Disappointments, & No Uncapped Pens.
I’m constantly at odds with…the world. But who isn’t, right? I guess my biggest adversary is myself. I’m just a collection of contrasts and paradoxes. Just fyi, my pet peeve is when people leave their pens uncapped or unclicked back into place. I mean, seriously? What if the ink goes dry? Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves another useless pen. Don’t get all weirded out if I get on your case about that… Other than that, I don’t bite 😉

One thing I keep in mind is that life’s not perfect. You just gotta roll wid them punches :]

If you read through all of my random ramblings, props to you! You have brownie points in my book 🙂

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