What is it with Korean guys and blow dryers?

The title says it all. I really don’t understand why almost every Korean guy seems to own one… Don’t get  me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with owning a blow dryer; even I own one! I have a simple, yet beautiful blue Conair that looks something like this:

Maybe it’s something we grew up with? I remember interacting with an extended family with many females. They all used blow dryers to dry their hair, so I instinctively used one to do the same ever since I could take showers by myself.

The reason this was brought to my attention was because of one of my suitemates for the summer. Of course he happens to be Korean and owns a blow dryer. I hear it every morning after he takes his shower, and my blow dryer returns the call from my side of the suite after my shower.

It’s funny because when I googled “Korean blow dryer,” this gif came up:

Yea..no comment.

What’s even more disturbing is the fact that this came from a site made up of “Asian Fanfics.” For those of you not familiar with the term, Fanfic = Fan Fiction (i.e. stories of fiction, written by fans). No, these aren’t fanfics of Asian origin or anything… These are fanfics about Asians. Someone out there must really, really like Asians (fetish, if you will) if they have the time to write stories about Asian people and the Asian things they do.

Here’s a link to the story this gif came from: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/159980/1/blow-dryer-yaoi-baekho-nuest

I think it’s something like a homoerotic story about two Korean guys….and it involves a blow dryer somehow. Don’t bother asking me what it’s about cause I was thoroughly creeped out and only stayed long enough on the site to take the gif.

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