The Anomalies of Frozen Dinners

Yesterday was the first time I went grocery shopping entirely for myself. It was probably the most intense and most expensive trip I made with the total ending up at nearly $100… But apparently that’s a normal amount for most people living on their own, as traumatic as it may be. It definitely makes you appreciate the “free” food you get at a home with loving parents.

Another thing that I’ve learned to appreciate is some good old home cooking. I really enjoy cooking myself, but my lazy self can’t get around to doing it too often. Since I still need to eat, I’ve invested in a supply of frozen dinners. It’s kind of ironic because as a kid, I used to love frozen dinners and would consider having one as a treat. Now, it’s a sad excuse for a nice meal 😦

I’ve never really liked the “Chicken Fried Chicken” terminology. It’s too redundant and gives you the sense that they’re trying too hard to prove what they’re selling is indeed chicken. On the outside, it’s packaged all nicely and “enlarged to show quality.” Check out the steamy effect that the mashed potatoes get! But in reality, it’s almost a bold-faced lie that they can make something like that out of something like this:

Notice the burnt gravy? That might have been my fault. Or the microwave’s. But I was mostly disappointed by my mashed potatoes — they were gritty and didn’t have the nice steam effect. All in all, it only cost me a dollar, so  I’m not complaining (too much).

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