Take a Step Back

When you take a step back and place your life on hold, something amazing happens. Strip yourself of your comfort, your friends, your livelihood — just about anything that makes it your usual life. You see a new world and a new place below the stars. You build your life from the beginning and call on the only thing you own: your instinct. A new-found, almost primal instinct comes out to show you what’s really going on behind all the layers that you placed within your life. Take a step back, and you will understand what is important to you.

And when you come back, you’ll understand what a mess you’ve created. Come back to the reality of your life, and see through these new eyes. What has spiraled out of control? What has crashed, and what has burned? What has led from one thing to another to the point where you can’t turn back? Take a step back, and you’ll see that there is nothing you can do to change what’s been done.

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