I wish they were stars…


Looking at the night sky I realized that I couldn’t see any stars. Living in a city like Atlanta sometimes takes away from all the natural wonder the world has to offer. I guess living in Washington all my life before coming here has made me take a real appreciation for nature, and in particular, stargazing. Here, when you look up at night, all you see are planes flying in the night. They might look like stars from afar, but the blinking lights really don’t have the same effect.

In general though, I’ve been craving something a little more than stars. I’ve kinda wanted to go back to a home. Not home like my parent’s house, but a place I could call my own. A warm, comforting bed and some home cooking. A place that I can just close the door on the world and have my own space. As of late I’ve been trying to clean around the room more and been cooking my own meals a lot more. But it’s more than just having a room to myself or having a kitchen that doesn’t take five minutes to get to. It’s just not home if the heart’s not there.

I guess like the stars, it’s something that you don’t truly miss and appreciate until it’s not really part of you life anymore.

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