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to be loved

Some people are loved throughout their life. Being loved comes at no cost to them because it is handed to them on a silver platter. Some people strive to be loved throughout their life. Always wandering, always searching, for a taste of this elusive joy. What is the difference between these two types of people? Chance. Luck. Life? Whatever it is, it makes all the difference.

The irony lies in the level of appreciation.


turkey & chocolate milk

It’s the end of this year’s Turkey Day!~

I went to my aunt’s house again as per tradition with my cousin, Diane. It’s great having family in Georgia to go to during holidays like this, and I really appreciate being able to eat a home-cooked meal every now and then. My aunt, being the sociable woman she is, brought an armada of middle-aged housewives to her house to help cook Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not sure if she did any cooking herself, buy hey that’s what friends are for, right? I’m not complaining haha. Here are some pictures that I stole from my cousin’s facebook:

That's One Handsome Turkey

So Much Foods!

Looking at all this food makes me happy =D I contributed to the meal by making the garlic bread (bottom right). Not much, but no one can blame me for free loading haha. And of course, the armada of middle-aged women brought all their children along as well:

Little Rascals

And this wasn’t even all the kids. But it certainly makes things more lively having them all around. Right now though, the house is pretty quiet cause everyone but me, my little cousin Grace, her friend, and my uncle who has work tomorrow is out Black Friday shopping. I would’ve gone too, but I suffered a minor concussion last night >.>

It was kinda ridiculous cause I set the alarm after everyone went to bed, but forgot about that and opened the door a little later. The alarm started going off, so I rushed over to disable it… I happened to be holding a glass of water in my hand at the time, so as I was running over, I spilled all the water on the hardwood floor. This caused me to slip and fall by the staircase. I hit my head on the bottom step of the staircase and blacked out for a couple seconds. I literally saw bursts of flashing lights… I remembered going to bed thinking how lucky I was to not have a concussion…only to wake up today feeling like the bed was spinning around me.

After I saw Diane off for shopping (and told her to buy me something on the basis that I was going to die from my concussion in my sleep), I made my little cousin and her friend some chocolate milk cause they said they were hungry. They should have gone to bed two hours ago, but I’m not gonna force them to sleep. I don’t remember the last time staying up past my bedtime was a treat. That’s what these festive occasions are for, right? Hope y’all had a great turkey day and are going to bed with your stomachs full!~

Take a Step Back

When you take a step back and place your life on hold, something amazing happens. Strip yourself of your comfort, your friends, your livelihood — just about anything that makes it your usual life. You see a new world and a new place below the stars. You build your life from the beginning and call on the only thing you own: your instinct. A new-found, almost primal instinct comes out to show you what’s really going on behind all the layers that you placed within your life. Take a step back, and you will understand what is important to you.

And when you come back, you’ll understand what a mess you’ve created. Come back to the reality of your life, and see through these new eyes. What has spiraled out of control? What has crashed, and what has burned? What has led from one thing to another to the point where you can’t turn back? Take a step back, and you’ll see that there is nothing you can do to change what’s been done.

Day 30: a picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge

Finally Day 30!

1. I’ve figured out what I want to do with my life. Or at least the next part of it at least.

2. I got a job at a research lab 😀

3. I’ve rediscovered my love for music outside of K-pop. Daphne Loves Derby ftw.

4. I love my Family Group ❤

5. I’ve had a pretty chill semester. Life is looking up in general!

(sorry for the awk picture – it was my first time using this effect on mac and didnt know how to feel about it)

I wish they were stars…


Looking at the night sky I realized that I couldn’t see any stars. Living in a city like Atlanta sometimes takes away from all the natural wonder the world has to offer. I guess living in Washington all my life before coming here has made me take a real appreciation for nature, and in particular, stargazing. Here, when you look up at night, all you see are planes flying in the night. They might look like stars from afar, but the blinking lights really don’t have the same effect.

In general though, I’ve been craving something a little more than stars. I’ve kinda wanted to go back to a home. Not home like my parent’s house, but a place I could call my own. A warm, comforting bed and some home cooking. A place that I can just close the door on the world and have my own space. As of late I’ve been trying to clean around the room more and been cooking my own meals a lot more. But it’s more than just having a room to myself or having a kitchen that doesn’t take five minutes to get to. It’s just not home if the heart’s not there.

I guess like the stars, it’s something that you don’t truly miss and appreciate until it’s not really part of you life anymore.