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Day 29: 3 Wishes

Day 29..we are almost done with this overly drawn out “30 day post challenge.”

Wish #1: The ability to control the flow of time. What a convenient and nifty trick. 5 minutes late to class? No problem; just wind the clock back, and make yourself 5 minutes early to class! Did you happen to make a mistake? Just go back in time and change it up. But I think the most useful thing about this ability is that I will be able to pause time and take as many naps as I want without having to waste time at all. How sweet would that be?

Wish #2: A magical debit card with a connection to Bill Gates’s bank account, Fort Knox, the Swiss Banks, etc. etc. Can’t go wrong with money right? That’s why for birthdays and Christmas we always give money to people who we don’t know how to shop for…

Wish #3: To be part of or start a legit secret organization. I want to be special too.

*Note, I’m not lame, so I didn’t wish for more wishes cause everyone knows that’s against the rules.