Day 22: What’s in your wallet?

1. Pictures of My Friends – Prom pictures, senior pictures, etc. I’ve accumulated quite a few over the years. They’re fun to look at and give a sense of nostalgia… But they make my wallet too fat, so I unfortunately had to remove them recently. Sorry friends =[

2. Driver’s License – License pictures are always awkward cause the discontent DMV worker never tells you to smile. If you ever look at my license, you’ll know what I mean.

3. Emory Card – My other form of identification and primary source of food-getting. According to one of my friends, apparently on my ID picture I look like a douchebag kid that he wants to punch in the face =O.

4. Debit Card – Not sure why I carry this around cause my balance is at zero.

5. Insurance Card – In case I die in a tragic accident, someone might be able to call my insurance agent so my dead body can sue them.

6. CPR Certification – My card is expired, but in case someday someone in my vicinity chokes on something, I can say, “I was certified to save your life…two years ago.”

7. That Cashmoney – Psych! I’m a poor college student and currently unemployed =[

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