Day 20: Nicknames

So I’ve actually had a lot of nicknames in the past and am currently going through a couple as well. I probably can’t remember all that were christened upon me, but the ones that I do have some interesting history and origins.

Nickname #1: Jay
Probably my most frequently used one. Contrary to common knowledge in Atlanta, my real name happens to be Jason. I started going by this when I started school in Emory, and other than maybe my family, everyone in Atlanta calls me by this. It was very weird going back to Washington and being called Jason again. Interestingly enough, this name seems to have also been frequently adapted to verb forms that commonly mean to be lazy or homoerotic.

Nickname #2: Grandpa/Ahjushee
Before the age of 20, I already seem to experience arthritis and back pains. I also have quite a collection of white hairs on my head.

Nickname #3: J.Coli
A rather new nickname. Some of my friends believe that I have strange sort of infection on the 2014 boys. I call it bromance; they call it something else haha.

Nickname #4: Manatee
I really don’t remember exactly why this came to be, but there is a picture to prove it. I think it had to do with some high school in Florida.

Nickname #5: Apple Juice Buddy
This comes from my love of…apple juice.

Nickname #6: Pokedex
What can I say? I’m a Pokemon nerd…

Nickname #7: Bear
I look like a bear sometimes. I eat like a bear sometimes. But this name comes from how I act when I am woken from slumber.

Nickname #8: Squirrel Boy
This comes from an interesting time in my life when I believed I could talk to squirrels… Yea, enough said.

I’m sure there are a lot more, but these are the ones that come to mind right now haha.

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