Airplane Rides

So I got back in Washington late last night. Walking outside of the airport, I didn’t feel any sort of humidity. Marvelous.

I really like to meet new people when I ride airplanes. If I don’t engage in conversation, I do try to observe everyone around me. But I must say, my airplane ride was a somewhat uneventful one – which is rather surprising with all the potential hazards that were littered around me. I was surrounded by three infant ticking time bombs: one next to me, one to my right, and one right behind. Other than the possibility of all the babies being set off by any loud racket (which is kinda unavoidable in a plane) or each other, I was uneasy the whole trip because I remembered my grandmother telling me of a baby that sat next to her on a plan that threw up all over her dress in the middle of the flight. There was also a pre-adolescent boy sitting in front of me who seemed to be having one too many cherry cokes and asked one too many questions. I think I saw him down at least 4 cans during the duration of the 5 hour plane ride. Other than his unfortunate across-the-aisle neighbor, no one else was annoyed by him, mostly because he was annoying his across-the-aisle neighbor. Other luminaries onboard included the two Chinese tourists who were intrigued by everything, especially the time bomb babies, and the airforce nut who was never actually in the airforce but seemed to know about every single model that flew.

Unfortunately, the Chinese tourists also had the propensity of asking the price of everything their neighbors owned, so when they got fed up with the non-airforce airforce nut talking about planes that they did not know the existence of nor care about, they started asking the now-hyper pre-adolescent how much his backpack cost. With this new surge of attention, the boy started causing a racket, causing the baby next to me to explode in a fury of fears. Thus, this caused the activation of it’s nearby comrades, and soon the surrounding area was bombed with baby cries and chaos. The unfortunate across-the-aisle neighbor, however, was happy to be distracted by something other than the soda’d-up boy and tried to coax her baby. Airplane rides are so fun.

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