Day 18: Favorite Place to Eat

Sooooooo……… Favorite place to eat. This one was pretty hard cause I really enjoy eating. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to experience much outside of Emory’s less-than spectacular dining and my mom’s homecooking. However, this past spring break, I was able to enjoy all kinds of dining experiences in California. I would have to say that one of the most memorable places that I went to was called “La Crêperie Café.” Crepes? As in fancy french pancakes? Not even close my friend. I think the closest thing I had to crepes were those dessert specials they had at local diners. La Crêperie Café showed me just how badly I was missing out.

Here are some pics of the place, some taken from La Crêperie Café’s website (it was too dark to take any good pictures with my camera):

So like I said, crepes are much more than the dessert variety. There are these things called savory crepes, which are essentially crepes used in dishes with some sort of entree item. It was certainly a new and interesting way of eating for me. The food was simply fantastic here! Here’s what we got:

Chicken Carbonara

Chicken Dipollo

Chicken Spinach Parisian

Of course we also got a dessert crepe to finish things off:

Romeo & Juliet with Vanilla Ice Cream

But the best thing about this restaurant was eating with my two favorite Californians =)

If you’re ever in Long Beach, California, you should definitely give this place a try! Great food, great atmosphere. Along with some great friends, what more do you need? =p

  1. dang boy looks crazy.

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