Day 17: Something you’re looking forward to

Oh wow, after nearly 2 months of hiatus, I have decided to start back the 30 day post challenge series that I started….all the way back on April 10th. I have now effectively dismantled the entire point of committing to a daily posting for a predetermined amount of time, but why not finish it, hopefully before the year ends.


My blogging sprees, of course, always start back up on nights when I should be otherwise doing something else such as studying for the final I have in less than 8 hours or sleeping so that I can eat a good breakfast so that I will be ready to take the final I have in less than 8 hours. But it’s also nights like this when common sense is thrown out the window.

Now that my summer (more importantly, summer classes) is drawing to a close, I look forward to going back to Washington. I initially had mixed feelings about this.

A part of me really didn’t care for the state that I refused to call “home.” I didn’t really feel like there was anything left there for me anymore. Other than seeing my parents for a short, short while, I would have enjoyed coming back to Atlanta as soon as I could. I don’t think I would have minded just staying with my aunt for another two weeks and start up Fall Semester back at Emory. All these averse reactions actually prompted me in delaying this trip as much as I could without arousing my parent’s suspicions.

As the summer progressed, however, these feelings slowly changed. My family from Korea are actually in Washington now, and I have really missed them a lot. Although their stay in Washington and my return only coincide for a couple days, it’ll be great to catch up after a year passed us by. And who knows when I’ll see them again next? I also realize that I left behind a few great friends. I haven’t seen some of these friends for a couple years. Just thinking about meeting and catching up with them all again makes me really excited for this trip now! Of course, there are also my parents. I seem to take them for granted too often. I don’t think I miss them too much because they still call me every day, but it would be great to be physically in their presence.

Things on my to-do list in Washington:

1) Chill with my family from Korea.
2) Spend time with my parents.
3) Crazy nights with the Curtis 2010ers =p
4) Tentative camping trip?
5) Tentative Canada trip with Peter & Noah?
6) Midnight pie-eating with Jessi & Zoey.
7) Catch-up like mad crazy with Jessica Choe.
8 ) Coffee with Lia.
9) Chill with my boy Thomas.
10) Meet up with Sam.
11) Seattle trips fosho.
12) Visit my cousin Diane & her fambam in Shoreline.
13) Emory Pacific Northwesterner’s Hangout.
14) Visit and chill with TFBC people.

I think there were other ones too, but I guess this is a start to my list. Hopefully I’ll be able to do all of these!

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