It’s funny where the path of life can take us all. I feel like sometimes we don’t appreciate the complexity of it. There are certain roads that will lead us to many different places with many different people. Our paths might lie in the same direction with others for the time being, so we may choose to travel together. More than likely, there will come a time when that highway comes to a fork in the road and divides into two once again. If we’re lucky, we might be able to join together again in the near future. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen and we are left to wonder why. There isn’t always a clear reason, but maybe the two paths grew too far apart. If we back track, there might be a fleeting moment of touch, but in the end things won’t always be the same. In other cases, there are those roads that may have briefly crossed at one point or another but never quite ran together. Those people that come in and out of our lives may have some influence in the direction we’re headed, as theirs may have a similar objective, but in the end it all comes down to where we’re headed.

  1. headed up.

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