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night time lights

It’s nights like this when I feel so small in this big world. In the overwhelming darkness of night, the few pockets of light are the glowing windows of others in the buildings around me. From another perspective, I am just another window. For us, a lifetime of experiences, struggles, and happiness is all but insignificant when compared to the sheer number of lives shared on this immense Earth. We’re all too preoccupied with our own happenings to notice that it might actually be the same for others. Yet untapped this opportunity may go because for us, one life is all we can handle, at least in this life. And so we will walk, further ingrained in our own pathways. One light struggling to keep a place, an existence, in the darkness that threatens to conquer us all.


Remote Control

Wouldn’t it be awesome if life was controlled by a remote control? The possibilities would be endless. You could pause whenever to take a breather whenever life gets too much and just take a nap or something before hitting play to resume. I would probably abuse that function a little too much. Or you could move up channels to different scenes in your life. Don’t like the circumstances you’re in? Wanna take a vacation? Bam! Welcome to the Travel Channel. And wouldn’t the Guide button be useful? After all, not many of us have completely figured out life.

I think my favorite function would probably be the rewind button. It’s the all-purpose “undo” to any of your poor life decisions, and boy do I have a lot of those. It would be pretty ideal for a whole lot of situations. Something I’d use it for would be like telling my parents a particularly bad piece of news (such as, “I got my ears pierced five months ago”) and seeing how well they take it. If they accept it relatively well, I would go along with that, but if I end up with an earful, I could always rewind and try again some other time. Seriously, I could do that all day long.

Right now though, what I need is the fast forward button. Taking summer school is getting kinda stressful! I mean, really Emory? Do you have to squeeze a whole year into 12 weeks? I’m only taking orgo right now, so it shouldn’t be too much, theoretically. But orgo just happens to be a pretty big turn-off, especially when it’s 90 degree weather errday. I just want to play… And I most often do end up messing around more than I should. But you know, it is what it is. Right now, I’m just looking forward to the end of second session and me going back to Washington to see my friends there.

Sooooo… I’ve arbitrarily decided that I will be on indefinite hiatus once again from the 30 Day Post Challenge. Reason being, I’m lazy. I’ve had a lot of time to write these days since I’m only taking one class for summer session. But orgo just makes me feel poopy, so I haven’t really been in the mood lately haha. Speaking of which, here’s a picture from my textbook:

And you wonder why I’ve been losing my sanity…

a friend and a future

There are nights like this when, ironically, chaos is the only one in control. With all the confusion that life brings to the table, we can only go for so long without becoming jaded. What more afterwards? Life is not kind to those either and will continuously throw more at our plate than we can hope to overcome. Sometimes, everything feel like it’s slipping away. Whether they are the little things that constantly crop up in our daily lives or the big things that just feed on us from the back of our mind, there comes a point when you’re hit from every possible corner…

The little things help us move on: the simple night walks with a friend, a reassuring talk on the phone. We talk about our struggles, our daily drawbacks. But talking can only do so much for a limited time. We can hope that in the future, there comes a change where everything we know will be flipped around for the better. We can hope that our talk will become actions and will look to benefiting us all.

The only thing that keeps me going is that there is in fact something good to look forward to; there is a complete resolution at the end. But for now, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. What makes us stronger becomes who we are. And who we are might actually be able to make a difference – that difference being the end result we all hope for.