Day 16: Dream house

So I was just googling up some dream houses with a few things in mind:

1. The waterworks – I’ve always liked a good water show, so I want some sort of water feature in my house.

2. Nature – I guess it’s a Pacific Northwesterner thing…I’m a tree-hugger hehe

3. Windows – And lots of em. I like the natural lighting.

4. Private island – For the longest time, I had this dream of buying my private island. It’s a work in progress.

Here’s what I found:

The description says it all:
“This is dream Contemporary Retreat Home completed with a Large Garden. This situation make this home so naturaly.The house has a river running through it, just below the dining room. The house measures 3,000 square meters area with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, private verandas and terraces to enjoy the river flow. The house serves as a bridge to a private island with beautiful beaches and waterfalls. Topped with a detached two garage, office and home game is very beautiful and perfect for all lovers of nature.”
I would be one happy man if I lived here. The river and private island are the key points for me. If only I had the money now…

  1. Very Zen. Very calming and beautiful.

  1. July 24th, 2011

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