Day 14: A picture of you last year – how have you changed?

This is me about a year ago in Korea. Pre-college. Post-high school. In a limbo of fun adventure called no-adult-supervision. Well technically, I became an “adult” soon after.

Before freshman-15 hit. My skin looked healthier. I died and straight-permed my hair. I lost that necklace after a drunken haze one morning.

I’m pretty sure I was happier back then; I saw good in this world. I was much more innocent. I was loving life.

Funny side story: My parents somehow discovered facebook at this point of my life and managed to find me online. They saw this photo and flipped out because they thought I had lost my mind – necklace and hair dying was just too much of a dive off the liberal end for my ridiculously conservative parents. My dad was hellbent on punishing for my misdeeds and was about to fly out to Korea to retrieve me. If I still lived with them, I think I would be enough of a cardio exercise for them cause everything I do would get their blood pumping. God bless their right-wing souls.

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