Day 12: Something you don’t leave the house without

1. Cellphone: I used to think my phone was simple and cool.. How naive I was in the age of touch screen smart phones. But now it’s not, and the sliding mechanism doesn’t work cause I threw it on the ground too many times…all part of an effort to get a new phone teehee

2. Keys: Don’t wanna get locked out! And yes, I have long since discarded my Tacoma Community College lanyard for my new, cool Emory one =D

3. Wallet : Definitely needed but don’t be fooled – I don’t actually have any cash! I just use my debit card to leech off my parents .-.

4. Ipod: Things would be much easier if there was a little monkey that followed me around holding a stereo that played my own background music. But that’s not feasible cause then my background music might clash with another person’s background music and then our monkeys would have to duke it out. I’m at the library right now, so that is entirely unacceptable.

5. Emory Card: Clearly not my Emory Card but was too lazy to upload a picture of my own. Mostly used for eating at any of the “fine” dining venues on campus. Therefore a must to have with me at all times.

6. Clothes: ..Maybe should have put this as #1, but yeah definitely don’t wanna leave the house without these things on. Look at how cool this asian guy looks posing for the camera while touching his armpit. He’s probably thinking, “Yeah, I look so cool with these clothes on – nudists got nothing on me!” Quite literally so, my friend.

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