Day 10: Something you’re afraid of

To be honest, there aren’t a lot of things that outright frighten me. Except for bugs. God, I hate bugs. And definitely celery without ranch or peanut butter. That thing is nasty. So are bell peppers…and mushrooms. Absolutely disgusting…except for those stuffed and baked kind or the ones on the pizzas. Hallways with insufficient lighting kinda freak me out too, especially if they have a lot of doors. Who knows what can come out and just stab you in the back? Oh, and heights. Yeah, I don’t like heights either. Or germs for that matter…or taking genchem exams. *shivers* And sharp objects that can poke out my eyeball…

Mm… so actually this kinda disproves my initial point. But like I said, these things may annoy/slightly scare me – but they don’t horrify me  and put me in fetal position at every slightest mention of them.

Though I believe one thing I don’t fear is death. Maybe this security comes from my Christian backgrounds and knowing that there is a better place to be after death in this life. Maybe it comes from the fact that I don’t take life too seriously as it is. It’s not like I spent years slaving away to amass a fortune or created some sort of enterprise that would crumble upon my deathbed.

One thing I am scared of though is dying alone. God bless the souls that must part this world by themselves. We come into this world with at least another right by us; I think it’s only fair for us to leave with the same kind of company. Passing on by oneself can only mean that there was no one there to attend to their need in their last hours of life. How sad it must be to have led a life without touching even at least one other soul that they forge their last memories in loneliness. Or what kinds of horrible circumstances would have made it so that one was put in such a dire situation that, whether quick or slow, their fading minutes were spent away from loved ones.

I would hate to die alone. A slow, lonely death is probably one of the saddest ways you could die. I would much rather eat a dressing-free summer salad of celery, bell peppers, and mushrooms while crossing an unhygienic, bug-infested hallway with insufficient lighting that led to cliff with sharp pointy things aimed at my eye. While taking a genchem test… Maybe not, but you get my drift. All in all, I hope I never die alone =D

Viva enim mortuorum in memoria vivorum est posita – vive ut vivas.
The life of the dead is retained in the life of the living – live so that you may live.


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