Antics Before Finals :D

3:31 AM
Arrived at Library.

3:33 AM

4:12 AM
I go to the study lounge and bother Ray.

4:23 AM
Paul kicks me out of the study lounge after Ray raps “My Dick” to me.

4:44 AM
I buy a nasty bottle of Fanta Grape. I keep drinking it until I feel dizzy… I swear it had chloroform in it or something. I make everyone taste it just to make sure it’s not just me.

4:57 AM
Pjosh: You have a lot of useless knowledge in your head.

5:00 – 6:00 AM
Talk, eat, facebook. This is so productive.

6:10 AM
I buy sunchips to get that chloroform taste out of my mouth.

6:17 AM
I decided to go to prayer meeting. At the very least I can pray for mercy.

7:45 AM
Pmatt: *Laughs* So you came here to pray for mercy?

8:25 AM
Breakfast! But they have no grits. Sadface.
I realize during breakfast that I’m the only one in the group that isn’t done with finals. Maybe I shouldn’t be here…

9:04 AM
Reenter the library.

9:53 AM
Dpark: Why aren’t you studying?

10:04 AM
We talk about the Black Swan. Teehee

10:38 AM
Dpark: Why aren’t you studying?

11:15 AM
Me: I still have 5 hours left…

11:29 AM
Dpark: I can’t study anymoreee!

12:01 PM
JJ joins us.

12:10 PM
Dpark leaves to take his Korean final. I wish I could take that final instead 😦

12:22 PM
JJ leaves to take a nap.

12:37 PM
Mindy joins us.
Current study progress: 3%

1:12 PM
Signs of sleep deprivation.
Me: So what would an exemplar for birds be?
Mindy: Something that flies!
Me: No! They can’t fly.
Mindy: Birds don’t fly?

1:20-1:50 PM approx.

1:52 PM
Me: No, Mindy don’t go to Starbucks! We need to study…

1:58 PM
Downstairs at Jazzman’s getting sushi. Mindy buys an iced coffee and hates on me for not letting her go to Starbucks.

2:01 PM
Mindy: Do you have a Last FM?? Lemme show you!

2:23 PM
Bomi joins us.
Me: We haven’t gotten any studying done… We should’ve  just gone to Starbucks.
*Mindy glares*

2:38 PM

2:55 PM
JJ returns.
Mindy(to me): And you’re still on Facebook…

2:59 PM

3:12 PM
JJ: This is the table of slackers.

3:14 PM
Mindy shows me a disturbing video of male kpop celebrities dancing female kpop dances. Yeah, nuff said.

3:16 PM
Mindy takes pictures of herself with Bomi’s glasses.

3:30 PM
Bomi and Mindy have trypophobia.

3:43 PM

4:10 PM
I pulled an all nighter and didn’t study. Awesome.

4:25 PM
Panicked last-minute studying.

4:30 PM
Take the final.

5:39 PM


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