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Day 16: Dream house

So I was just googling up some dream houses with a few things in mind:

1. The waterworks – I’ve always liked a good water show, so I want some sort of water feature in my house.

2. Nature – I guess it’s a Pacific Northwesterner thing…I’m a tree-hugger hehe

3. Windows – And lots of em. I like the natural lighting.

4. Private island – For the longest time, I had this dream of buying my private island. It’s a work in progress.

Here’s what I found:

The description says it all:
“This is dream Contemporary Retreat Home completed with a Large Garden. This situation make this home so naturaly.The house has a river running through it, just below the dining room. The house measures 3,000 square meters area with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, private verandas and terraces to enjoy the river flow. The house serves as a bridge to a private island with beautiful beaches and waterfalls. Topped with a detached two garage, office and home game is very beautiful and perfect for all lovers of nature.”
I would be one happy man if I lived here. The river and private island are the key points for me. If only I had the money now…


Day 15: Bible verse

2 Corinthians 12: 9-10

9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Day 14: A picture of you last year – how have you changed?

This is me about a year ago in Korea. Pre-college. Post-high school. In a limbo of fun adventure called no-adult-supervision. Well technically, I became an “adult” soon after.

Before freshman-15 hit. My skin looked healthier. I died and straight-permed my hair. I lost that necklace after a drunken haze one morning.

I’m pretty sure I was happier back then; I saw good in this world. I was much more innocent. I was loving life.

Funny side story: My parents somehow discovered facebook at this point of my life and managed to find me online. They saw this photo and flipped out because they thought I had lost my mind – necklace and hair dying was just too much of a dive off the liberal end for my ridiculously conservative parents. My dad was hellbent on punishing for my misdeeds and was about to fly out to Korea to retrieve me. If I still lived with them, I think I would be enough of a cardio exercise for them cause everything I do would get their blood pumping. God bless their right-wing souls.

Day 13: Goals

1. Do well in Orgo.

3. Start and end sophomore year with a bang.

4. Eat better to prevent my newly found Vitamin D deficiency. D:

5. Sleep earlier.

6. Manage my time better.

7. Work hard, play hard[er].

Day 12: Something you don’t leave the house without

1. Cellphone: I used to think my phone was simple and cool.. How naive I was in the age of touch screen smart phones. But now it’s not, and the sliding mechanism doesn’t work cause I threw it on the ground too many times…all part of an effort to get a new phone teehee

2. Keys: Don’t wanna get locked out! And yes, I have long since discarded my Tacoma Community College lanyard for my new, cool Emory one =D

3. Wallet : Definitely needed but don’t be fooled – I don’t actually have any cash! I just use my debit card to leech off my parents .-.

4. Ipod: Things would be much easier if there was a little monkey that followed me around holding a stereo that played my own background music. But that’s not feasible cause then my background music might clash with another person’s background music and then our monkeys would have to duke it out. I’m at the library right now, so that is entirely unacceptable.

5. Emory Card: Clearly not my Emory Card but was too lazy to upload a picture of my own. Mostly used for eating at any of the “fine” dining venues on campus. Therefore a must to have with me at all times.

6. Clothes: ..Maybe should have put this as #1, but yeah definitely don’t wanna leave the house without these things on. Look at how cool this asian guy looks posing for the camera while touching his armpit. He’s probably thinking, “Yeah, I look so cool with these clothes on – nudists got nothing on me!” Quite literally so, my friend.

Day 11: Favorite tv shows

So I’m not much of a TV person, so I don’t know really know what’s out there :p I only watch TV shows (on my computer) when I hear people constantly talking about how good a show is – it makes me want to try and see it for myself. So far, the few that I’ve watched are pretty good, and I wish I had time for more. It’s not always about the kdramas! Lol

Don’t hate on me for this cause this show is actually good haha. And no, it’s not just all songs and games; sometimes I think this show gets even more dramatic than a kdrama. Although it may not be the most accurate portrayal of high school life, Glee is a pretty funny show with its own quirkiness that makes it well worth watching. My favorite character from this show? Probably Sue Sylvester for being such a cynical antagonist bent on destroying everyone. Props if you can point out who’s missing from the cast photo here.

I loved this show! I remember finishing the first 11 seasons of this show in less than 2 weeks cause i watched the episodes non-stop. If being a doctor was this much fun, I’d have no second thoughts about being a pre-med! Scrubs has its own share of melodrama but has a lot of comedy to even it out as well. My favorite character from this would have to be Dr. Perry Cox for…basically being a cynical character bent on destroying everyone? He kinda does that but in a nicer way.

God I love this show. It’s a pity the writer’s stopped being creative to get this show discontinued(?). Heroes is just freaking amazing. I’m not sure if anything can top this show (at least the first season). It’s pretty crazy how there’s such a diverse cast with a broad range of backgrounds that the writer’s somehow manage to fit into one main storyline. Of course, good things can only go for so long because at one point things started to get too confusing…but still cool nonetheless. If I could have a superhero power, I’d probably take Hiro Nakamura’s time/space manipulation. It’s just pure ownage.

Yup, I just had to put Pokemon on the list. This series is like the definition of my childhood. But this story has too many weird turns. Ash was way too noob to even be competing in the Indigo Plateau. It was just pure luck. “Aim for the horn!” I mean, really, who does that? (props if you know what I’m talking about) I wish I had a Charizard.

This is where my nerd side starts to take over. Naruto Shippuuden has a pretty awesome storyline that plays out pretty well for the most part. There are dry spells when the writers are clearly just trying to stall for time, but it has it’s redeeming points too. If you don’t know what I mean, don’t hate till you’ve given it a chance! With just a ridiculously large cast, there is plenty of death, tragedy, and comedic relief.

With an equally (possibly more?) ridiculously large cast of characters, Bleach is another favorite of mine. I actually really liked the various stages of the storyline in this series. You can really tell that the writer, Tite Kubo, put a whole lot of thought into this before starting it cause the story fits so well together sometimes. Definitely recommended!

Alrighty…back to studying for my orgo test :/

Day 10: Something you’re afraid of

To be honest, there aren’t a lot of things that outright frighten me. Except for bugs. God, I hate bugs. And definitely celery without ranch or peanut butter. That thing is nasty. So are bell peppers…and mushrooms. Absolutely disgusting…except for those stuffed and baked kind or the ones on the pizzas. Hallways with insufficient lighting kinda freak me out too, especially if they have a lot of doors. Who knows what can come out and just stab you in the back? Oh, and heights. Yeah, I don’t like heights either. Or germs for that matter…or taking genchem exams. *shivers* And sharp objects that can poke out my eyeball…

Mm… so actually this kinda disproves my initial point. But like I said, these things may annoy/slightly scare me – but they don’t horrify me  and put me in fetal position at every slightest mention of them.

Though I believe one thing I don’t fear is death. Maybe this security comes from my Christian backgrounds and knowing that there is a better place to be after death in this life. Maybe it comes from the fact that I don’t take life too seriously as it is. It’s not like I spent years slaving away to amass a fortune or created some sort of enterprise that would crumble upon my deathbed.

One thing I am scared of though is dying alone. God bless the souls that must part this world by themselves. We come into this world with at least another right by us; I think it’s only fair for us to leave with the same kind of company. Passing on by oneself can only mean that there was no one there to attend to their need in their last hours of life. How sad it must be to have led a life without touching even at least one other soul that they forge their last memories in loneliness. Or what kinds of horrible circumstances would have made it so that one was put in such a dire situation that, whether quick or slow, their fading minutes were spent away from loved ones.

I would hate to die alone. A slow, lonely death is probably one of the saddest ways you could die. I would much rather eat a dressing-free summer salad of celery, bell peppers, and mushrooms while crossing an unhygienic, bug-infested hallway with insufficient lighting that led to cliff with sharp pointy things aimed at my eye. While taking a genchem test… Maybe not, but you get my drift. All in all, I hope I never die alone =D

Viva enim mortuorum in memoria vivorum est posita – vive ut vivas.
The life of the dead is retained in the life of the living – live so that you may live.