Day 3: Your first love

I love this picture. It perfectly captures two of my loves into one: food and Pokemon. If anyone ever made this for me, I might just start crying and give them a BIG snorlax hug. Although, the rice to seaweed ratio is slightly overwhelming. I like mine to be very proportional…

But seriously, this is a really awesome idea. Shame on you if you don’t know what Pokemon these are. Shame on you if you never played Pokemon. Shame on you if you IV/EV train your Pokemon…show some love! FYI, my dad makes no effort to restrain himself when he comments, “I’ve never heard of a college student playing Pokemon.” Except we do. I know we all do, right?!

So what do they eat in the Pokemon World? It’s funny how often my friends and I bring this topic up. I think we’ve had a couple things on our list:

Breakfast:                                Lunch:                                 Dinner:
Miltank Milk                           Bulbasaur Salad               Tauros Steak
Grumpig Bacon                     Torchic Wings                  Fire-roasted Ho-oh
Scrambled Togepi                Tenderized Pikachu       Goldeen/Seaking Sushi
Tropius Fruit                         Deviled Chansey              Magcargo Escargot

Mm.. yeah. Wouldn’t a Pokemon-themed restaurant be a great idea? We talked about that too.

I have weird friends. But I’m weird too (:

    • Huiyun Vivian Lee
    • April 13th, 2011


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