Day 2: A photo of you more than 10 years ago

So this was me around six or seven. I think I can still remember parts of this day. The little girl pictured next to me is Esther Yim, a good family friend. We literally knew each other for our whole lives, even graduating from the same high school together. On this day many, many summers ago, our families went to the zoo. I’m guessing it was the Point Defiance Zoo, which is the only zoo within reasonable driving distance from my childhood home.

It would be impossible to return to a time like this, when nothing really mattered. I barely started school, so there was no pressure for academic performance. My mother fed me. My father played with me. I was very loved by my family. I had toys. I had friends. Can there ever be a more idyllic time than this?

Maybe the only explanation I have for having to live a “grown-up” life is that as we become more mature and begin to understand things at a deeper level, we can attain a higher level of happiness. Previously, we would take for granted something and only accept it for its face value. Maybe now we can understand the giver’s intent, fulfill the gift’s meaning, and attend to the sentimental value.

But is this all worth it? Losing the child-like innocence and being thrown into a crazy world? Maybe it’s not. But it’s what we get, so why not make the most of it?

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