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Days & Nights

The days and nights have become a bit blurred for me these days… This will probably be my 3rd all-nighter this week. Yay for finals week.

As such, I probably won’t have time for my 30 Day Post Challenge. For now, I guess it’s on indefinite hiatus. Although after finals is a likely time when I will start it all up again. Or maybe when I get stressed during finals and need a breather. Just not now until….Friday haha.

Well, hopefully I will not have to pull a 4th all-nighter this week, though the prospects are very likely at this point.

Until the next post!


Day 7: Favorite movies

Honestly, I’m not that much of a movies kind of guy, mostly cause I don’t have that much time for it. I really cannot think of a movie that I would consider my favorite off the top of my head at the moment. But that probably has more to do with the fact that I did an all nighter last night….

Ironically, one of the reasons I did that was cause I was watching one of my childhood favorites: Lion King.

This story is honestly way too complicated for kids. I remember watching this movie dozens of times when I was little, but I don’t remember any of the subtle humor, sarcasm, and with present in a lot of the comic relief. Also, the various themes in this movie are seriously worth dissecting and analyzing (bite me, I’m a literary nerd). Albeit, my English comprehension wasn’t near close to fluency when I was watching this movie, it seriously has some deep and sometimes dark elements. Well here‘s the damned youtube link that got me to watch the whole darn movie in practically one sitting with a friend. BEWARE. You DON’T want to click on this link if you have work to do, hence my completion of an all nighter T.T Or here’s the video. DON’T CLICK IT!

Another thing with movies for me is that I tend to forget a lot of what happens, other than the general outline of the story. If anything, I would have to watch it again to remember it all, which I don’t mind doing either. One series I can probably watch multiple times is the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy (soon to be Tetralogy).

I really like all the high-paced adventure and whatnot. I most recently watched this when I had a serious case of the cold earlier this semester. I watched all three movies in a day… Good usage of time I think hahaha

Comedy, adventure, thrillers, they’re all good. But I find myself enjoying the quieter, subtle-emotion based works more and more. They are thought provoking, and I think that because they make you think beyond the contents of the movie itself, it tends to stick with you longer.  Again, none come to mind, but here is one of Wong Fu Production’s most recent shorts that I really enjoyed:

Gotta say I love the soundtrack for this. I love me some good soundtracks (:
Well that’s all for now…Time for some good, needed sleep!

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy

This picture puts a smile on my face every time I look at it haha. It was around this past Christmas during winter break when I went back to Washington. I unfortunately got a parking ticket in Seattle and had to pay it off at the Seattle Municipal Court….without my parents finding out of course XD

Afterwards, I went up to Shoreline where my cousin Diane lives and hung out with her and her family for the evening. We ended up playing GoStop and enjoying some 갈비탕 (probably one of my favorite Korean dishes). Since it was the holidays, Diane and I took these ridiculous pictures and started posting them on  people’s facebook as Christmas cards.

I’m glad we get to spend time together like this and got so much closer this year (: She’s like the older sister I never had who constantly has to worry about  me getting into whatever crazy situations I get into.  I’m glad our relationship progressed from scratching/hair-pulling to what it is now. Love ya cuz ❤

Day 5: A song to match your mood

Turn this on first. Then hit play on the track list here.

Sometimes, you don’t need lyrics to identify with a song. A lot of times, I think, it’s actually a lot harder. Why? The lyrics belong to someone else. They are the words to a melody of someone else’s heart. And people being just how people are, two hearts rarely share exactly the same feelings.

There is just something about the ambiance of the two melodies that have a powerful effect. Rain, as nature’s serenade to the earth, has this soothing wave as it goes from slight droplets and climaxes to the passionate thundering. I don’t know, maybe it’s a Pacific Northwestern thing, but I really enjoy listening to the rain. And it just makes the songs even more epic.

To me, this synergy shows a bit of a lot of emotions and feelings: nostalgia, longing, passion, sorrow, hope, etc. I guess right now, I identify with those the most. The awesome thing about music is that you can interpret it any way you want. Of course there may be a general overarching view, but you can always personalize the details, even more so with instrumentals.

I don’t really have much more to say; just let the music speak for itself.

Day 4: Your parents

So four days into the challenge, and I already failed. I’m gonna cheat a little.

I realized that this is the only picture I have that I’m in with my parents… And it’s actually in a picture frame, so I had to re-take the picture with my camera…fail. I guess I’m not much of a photo guy in that even if I do take pictures, I don’t really do much about it. I see people with a bunch of photos of a lot of their friends or family members hung up in their rooms, but this is my only one. And I wouldn’t have even thought of it until my mom shipped it to me cause I forgot to take one after winter break :3

Parents….wow. If I think about it, being an only child, I received a lot of love from my parents. Not saying that children from big families don’t, but I got to spend a LOT of one-on-one time with one of them and definitely remember a fair share of memories of “just us three.” I guess before college, especially during my senior year, I was so excited to get out. So excited to leave my parents and all their nagging to go far away into a place more or less outside of their jurisdiction. But it’s been tough without them sometimes because they understand (for the most part) that I’m an adult now and that I should be making more decisions on my own. So they kinda let me be…Exactly what I wanted, but you never know what’s gonna happen around the corner, right?

But they’re always a call away. Seriously. Honestly, I sometimes ignore their phone calls because I’m sleeping or I’m really busy or I just don’t want to hear their nagging. And really, it’s all up to my choice. They’re not here physically to enforce contact. But whenever I have a question or I seek their opinion on something, they’re more than ready to talk to me. I guess it’s a parents’ love that I don’t understand…

I seriously love my parents more than anything or anyone. I’ve spent 18 years of my life living under one roof with them. I guess sometimes I do not see how much of a blessing it was to have this continuity. And of course, we had our share of problems. A lot actually. But through and through, we’ve stuck it out and made it this far. Nowadays, I’ve been told by so many others and can tell from my own interactions with them that my parents are really trying to give me more credit and more respect for my own thoughts, especially since I had such a hard time with my dad about this.

My dad never gave in for anyone, no matter what the argument was about, even if he was the one clearly in the wrong. This angered me so much because there was simply no justice sometimes. But even with that, I can tell he’s changed so much. He’s actually gotten quite emotional and kinda gets upset if I don’t call him everyday. At first I saw it as a burden, but now I can see that this is a type of father-son relationship that not everyone gets to enjoy. I should make use of it more and develop it.

My mom has always impressed me with her faith and always keeps me in her prayers. And she makes note of this continuously, almost to the point of where it’s like she’s telling me that I can’t screw up cause her and so many others are praying for me haha.. But seriously, my mother has one of the gentlest hearts I know. She tells me she only became tough and sharp-tongued after raising me (:

Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t quite work with them – and they make it point to prove that saying wrong. I love my parents so much.

Day 3: Your first love

I love this picture. It perfectly captures two of my loves into one: food and Pokemon. If anyone ever made this for me, I might just start crying and give them a BIG snorlax hug. Although, the rice to seaweed ratio is slightly overwhelming. I like mine to be very proportional…

But seriously, this is a really awesome idea. Shame on you if you don’t know what Pokemon these are. Shame on you if you never played Pokemon. Shame on you if you IV/EV train your Pokemon…show some love! FYI, my dad makes no effort to restrain himself when he comments, “I’ve never heard of a college student playing Pokemon.” Except we do. I know we all do, right?!

So what do they eat in the Pokemon World? It’s funny how often my friends and I bring this topic up. I think we’ve had a couple things on our list:

Breakfast:                                Lunch:                                 Dinner:
Miltank Milk                           Bulbasaur Salad               Tauros Steak
Grumpig Bacon                     Torchic Wings                  Fire-roasted Ho-oh
Scrambled Togepi                Tenderized Pikachu       Goldeen/Seaking Sushi
Tropius Fruit                         Deviled Chansey              Magcargo Escargot

Mm.. yeah. Wouldn’t a Pokemon-themed restaurant be a great idea? We talked about that too.

I have weird friends. But I’m weird too (:

Day 2: A photo of you more than 10 years ago

So this was me around six or seven. I think I can still remember parts of this day. The little girl pictured next to me is Esther Yim, a good family friend. We literally knew each other for our whole lives, even graduating from the same high school together. On this day many, many summers ago, our families went to the zoo. I’m guessing it was the Point Defiance Zoo, which is the only zoo within reasonable driving distance from my childhood home.

It would be impossible to return to a time like this, when nothing really mattered. I barely started school, so there was no pressure for academic performance. My mother fed me. My father played with me. I was very loved by my family. I had toys. I had friends. Can there ever be a more idyllic time than this?

Maybe the only explanation I have for having to live a “grown-up” life is that as we become more mature and begin to understand things at a deeper level, we can attain a higher level of happiness. Previously, we would take for granted something and only accept it for its face value. Maybe now we can understand the giver’s intent, fulfill the gift’s meaning, and attend to the sentimental value.

But is this all worth it? Losing the child-like innocence and being thrown into a crazy world? Maybe it’s not. But it’s what we get, so why not make the most of it?