Have you ever woken up and remembered exactly everything you dreamed about?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because of a dream?

Have you ever woken up from a dream with an intense headache?

Yup, that’s me at this late hour of the night. I’ve woken up from dreams many times and remembered in great detail as to what I was dreaming about. Although rare, there have been also times when I woke up in the middle of the night because of dreams. They weren’t necessarily of the nightmarish sort; I just happen to wake up at a certain some point. But this time it was so significantly different somehow. I actually had a very strong headache when I woke up, which I don’t believe has ever happened before. Even strangely so, the contents of the dream remain vivid in my mind still.

I’ve been told that dreams are a place where the brain dumps all the various thoughts that are picked up during the waking hours and sorts through them all. With certain, more logical parts of the brain turned off, our creativity is allowed to blend all these thoughts together in any kind of absurd fashion…

There were many strange things about my dream tonight, but they all seemed to have an overarching emotional theme: longing. This emotion was exposed over the places and people I met in my dream. It was hidden in some areas but in plain site in others. I feel like this is where dreams can be so deeply complex in nature. There are some things that are approved in our conceived societies and some things that are just heavily tabooed.

It is interesting that the people I most long to see, such as my grandparents and my parents (no matter how much I tell myself I don’t want to see them :p ), actually manifest themselves as people in my dream. Other people, who I still wish to see but of a lesser degree, purpose, or interest, came up in my mind as the locations I visited in my dream where their presence was reminded by a thought that connected them to the location. Interestingly enough, this mall of locations also housed an unlikely host of insecurities, all embodied as both familiar and unfamiliar faces. I deemed that they were insecurities because these people exhibited characteristic behaviorisms that I do not find very pleasing in humans when exhibited.

What was hidden in all this? Well, there was another part to this dream that occurred before the more concrete portion. Here, the ideas were embodied, but their meanings were kept hidden. It was all a puzzle with many hints abound. The only key to this was a will to use one and a heart to receive the message. But what of the message that was locked in the mind of the one who created not only the lock but the contents as well? Sadly so, the message is but another longing that is only yet to be and most likely never be recognized. It is a funny thing where our conceived societies even take root upon our dreaming minds; it simply cannot be escaped. No matter from whether the drunkenness is caused by chocolate milk or whether the simplest joys of the heart can never be heard from any Canadian territory, there are some ideas that are too profound, too dangerous, and too honest that even the mind in a restful phase dare not dream about it in plain sight. Such a thing would cause a shift, a rift in one’s mind.

Regardless, it is best not to psychoanalyze oneself at 5am after being continuously medicated over the course of four days for a preliminarily undiagnosable disease. But maybe the blank sheet is where the author dumps all the various thoughts that are picked up throughout life and sorts through them all. Our natural creativity and will is allowed to blend all these thoughts together in any kind of absurd fashion…in a way that helps us understand what is otherwise kept in darkness.

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