break out in song

So I’m sitting in my Biology Lab right now. We’re doing group presentations today. I seriously don’t see the point of doing group presentations because no one but the lab TA ever really pays attention to them. If we have to put effort into something, why not make it worthwhile?

I was thinking about how it’s a Friday afternoon, and everyone is probably really tired. It would really liven things up if we just started singing. It would be Bio Presentations: The Musical.

We should just have a day when the whole day is dedicated to music. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone just started dancing and everything was under stage lights? Dialogues would be songs and dinner will just be the next scene. Everything will be perfectly crafted, and everyone will act as they’re supposed to act.

Too superficial? Too fake? I wonder if that’s any different from this world though; we all live according to some playwright’s will.

Well, I must be off cause the girl sitting next to me keeps looking over at my screen and is making me feel self-conscious. I’ll leave you with an explanation by the lovely Natalie Tran as to why life can’t be a musical…along with some other stuff she talks about 😀

    • Im not Allen
    • February 25th, 2011

    dont forget to mention the part where u cursed me out over jesse mccartney ❤

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