Ambitious much?

Ambition. Drive. Determination. Motivation.

I’d like to think we’ve all been at a place where something captivates us so much that we pour all our spirit, heart, and soul into it. Yet after investing so much blood and tears, time and effort, plus whatever else you got left in you, everything just starts to crumble. We are left so empty. Without a purpose. Whether it was a job, a relationship, school, and the like, there comes a time when we get too caught up in things to the point where it just drains us…

It’s taken me awhile to realize that I’m ambitious – a little too ambitious. I’m always thinking up grandiose schemes on scales of ridiculous proportions. Then when it actually takes place, I just get overwhelmed. But it doesn’t matter because I somehow pick myself up, lose a couple more years of my life, and manage to oh so barely get passed the next hurdle.

I’m at that point again when I passed an obstacle, only to be standing in the shadow of the next looming challenge. Frankly, I am tired. I am broken. I am finished. My pride has been broken to the point where I can finally admit it – yes, I have made ambition my god. This idol, I put ahead of everything else, even to the point of physically pushing myself beyond what humans were made for.

No, this is not healthy. And praise be to God that I was made to realize this. Ambition, time for you to re-prioritize yourself and take a back seat.

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