Let’s go with the Golden Rule

I was having dinner with a friend today when we stumbled upon a very interesting topic. My friend recently had a disagreement with a friend and was slightly slighted because she was not with the majority. Of course there will always be differences in opinion; there is no way that everyone in the world will ever submit to one idea willingly through any human means. But just because we have differing thoughts, ideals, or whatever doesn’t mean that we can be respectful of one another. Why does it matter so much that we have to be right? To make us feel better about ourselves? Because we were brought up that this is the way things are? Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for us to be discriminatory against anyone else just because they have a difference in opinion.

I feel like a big part of this comes to play when it leads to certain, much more poignant topics: Science vs. Religion, anyone? I was reading my biology text book, and we happen to be covering topics on evolution for our next unit. This is a big kicker that sends red flags all over the place. I can immediately tell that the publisher/author/editor/whoever is particularly biased in their opinion. By all means, they should be presenting biological ideas to their fullest. But they do not have to go out of their way to bash creationists ideas or, as they say, “special creation.” They also include various vignettes on the Bible and pro-creationist thought, which is apparently some sort of nonsense story book in their eyes. There’s a passage at the end of practically every section denouncing this theory of special creation. To be honest, it does irk me a bit that they so flippantly throw the Word of God around like it’s a joke of some sort; they are just not treating it with the respect it is due. It further annoys me that Emory University requires all introductory biology classes to read this since it seems like the vast majority of first year students are pre-meds who will probably take this class, even if they decide to be something else later on in the years. This is a biology book, not a book on the comparison (and faults) of other “inferior” ideas.

Yes, I am Christian so maybe my beliefs and my reception to this can be somewhat biased. But yes, I also do believe in the Theory of Evolution. I mean, the amount of evidence on evolution is staggering. You’d have to be stupid to admit otherwise. A good deal of my personal knowledge on evolution comes from my freshman seminar class, Concepts and Misconcepts of Evolution. I really didn’t realize it till the end of the semester, but I learned a great deal about evolution. And I’d have to say, there are probably just as many misconcepts about evolution as there are about religion, particularly Christianity. People should seriously learn about the misconcepts of both sides before even starting to refute or support anything.

In my eyes, science and religion are two different ways of telling the same story. Science gives us something tangible, the cold hard facts. Religion gives us something philosophical that helps us connect the spirit to the natural, whether it is ourselves or the Earth. Science shows us that a flower has an extraordinarily complex design. It teaches us that “descent with modification” reflects the truly astounding adaptability in all organisms. From a Christian perspective, I see an amazingly detailed Creator crafting each individual flower. I can have fellowship with an insanely intelligent God with the foresight to give us the mechanisms that will ensure survival in all kinds of environments. In essence, science and religion are both necessary to understand life and the purpose bound to it since there are many things inherently impossible in one and not the other.

I guess these issues are just hitting me more and more now that I’m in college, and I come into contact with people of vastly different opinions on a daily basis. I now have friends who are Christian, non-Christian, and other things in between and across. Even that title of “non-Christian” is something I don’t quite enjoy partake in using because the very assumption of its meaning is discriminatory in nature. What we need is to make like a bell curve and enjoy a happy median 🙂


Bridge on Grandview (WA)

Let’s go with the Golden Rule.

Treat everyone as you want to be treated with all the respect and courtesy due to a fellow human trying to make sense out of this crazy world.

  1. haha hi jay,
    i was def. thinking about how my evo bio class is bashing on special design. lol just stopping by to say hi!

  1. July 13th, 2012

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