Have you ever come across or thought about someone who just disappeared from your life?

They weren’t necessarily important people in your life… Like maybe someone you used to go to church with. You never talked to them, but you just got used to seeing them around. Then one day, they simply vanished. Maybe it wasn’t all at once; it could have been a gradual process. But then again, you were never close with them or really talked with them that much. You just happen to notice one day that you don’t see that person or you look back and you don’t remember the last time you saw them.

I guess with the advent of stalker technology such as Facebook or Twitter, practically anyone is searchable…assuming they aren’t reclusive individuals who live in caves on mountaintops or something like that. You don’t even have to purposely look up the whole catalog of “missing” people you have stored in the back of your mind. You could be looking in an old photo album and see someone tagged to an old group picture or something. “Oh, I haven’t see this person in ages” you say. Then you just proceed to click on their name which links to their profile. Then by taking a quick glance through their page, you can kind of get a sense of what they’re doing with their lives now. Maybe they went off to college. Maybe they got married. Maybe they live on the other side of the continent now. Who knows if you’ll even see them again?

But what about the people that you don’t find? Maybe they don’t want to be found… Maybe they removed themselves from somewhere because it was a part of them they wished to leave behind…before starting something new. I can identify with that to some degree. I mean, there is a reason why I meant to leave for good when I left for college. There is a reason why I went to the other side of the continent. Make no mistake, my past made me who I am today. But I am now hoping to start a completely new chapter away from all that. A new chapter of my life that involves even a different outlook on life.

So yes, reclusive being upon the mountaintop, I do understand why you left your city, your people for the quiet of your cave. Although I myself may never go to such extremes, we both have the same heart. It makes me wonder, would anyone ever remember me as that guy from my church who I never really talked to or got to know — where is he now?

Human relations is a funny thing. Somehow we get around knowing just about anyone through someone else. It’s kind of scary in a way that you are always being watched by someone you know or someone who knows another person you know. But then again, that’s the fun part of interaction too. Finding out about the various ways this world has twisted around relationships; sometimes it is on the level of divine irony. And you know what, it probably is; who says our Creator has no sense of humor? In actuality, He probably has the best jokes out of everyone. After all, He created everything.

In a way, we can never vanish exactly the way we want to. There’s always a trace because we leave our tracks on others’ hearts and minds. And they don’t quite disappear so easily.

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