I love this song. Epik High is one of my favorites of kpop, especially cause of songs like this. And today’s the perfect day to turn this song on.

So I started off my day all disoriented and sleepy..barely got out of bed. Dressing myself turned out to be a problem. Yes, as concerning as that sounds, I’m seriously not joking. It was a wonder that I got everything on the right way. Unfortunately, my feet would say otherwise cause I decided to wear slippers today for some reason. As soon as I walked out my dorm, I realized it was pouring outside, and I didn’t really have time to go back and change (not that I would’ve done so anyways cause of my laziness).

Yeah, I’m making a fashion statement here. My mismatched socks and open-toe slippers are just so awesome like that haha.

…I decided to change into shoes later.

When I first came to Atlanta, I always thought it was so amusing at how people here whipped out their umbrellas as soon as a drop of rain hit the ground. It was just so odd to see so many umbrellas come out since Washingtonians normally don’t bother with it. So there I was, one of the only guys out in the rain without an umbrella, smirking to myself. I guess in a way, I refused to carry around an umbrella because of my silly Washington pride. But for the record, it doesn’t always rain in Washington like so many people here assume. Shoot, even I’m slowly beginning to buy into that stereotype after being here for half a year haha. Atlanta is slowly changing me… I can’t go out in the rain without an umbrella anymore haha.

I imagine that from up high, when the rain waters the earth, umbrella flowers sprout up 🙂

When I’m walking outside in the rain, I can’t help but notice all the different kinds of umbrellas people use. Small ones, big ones. Red ones, blue ones. Ones with patterns, ones with polka dots. People without umbrellas, people sharing umbrellas. Dying out in buildings and coming back to life once outside. All headed different ways, unified only by the rain we live under.

It’s an inconvenience sometimes… But I enjoy the rain 🙂

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